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About M. Edwards and Associates

M. Edwards & Associates is a full service investigative firm, serving individuals to large corporations.  From a single background check to full scale Due Diligence investigations.
We strive to be unique and be the industries best at the services we offer.

When searching for a private investigative firm, we know you are bombarded by the website after website that describe the staff members' experience, however if you could decipher all of that information, there is a good chance you would not be online looking for an investigative firm.  

In today's day and age, a sophisticated, desktop investigation can be just as important and useful as having someone conduct field surveillance for you.  At M. Edwards & Associates, we offer a superb blend of legitimate, professional field investigative experience along with extensive professional database research and risk management experience.

Gone are the days of a retired police detective obtaining inside information from a pal that is still on the job; remember - if you are seeking to use any evidence obtained, it must be legally obtained.

Keep in mind that the information available to a licensed private investigator is far and above what can be found by simply "Googling" or utilizing an online " background" or "national criminal history" search.

Like most people, the thought of utilizing the services of a professional investigator may have seemed out of reach to you - M. Edwards can offer you extremely affordable rates, from flat rate surveillance to hourly investigations, flexible payment options and can tailor any investigation to suit your budget and circumstances.

Every investigation is documented with a formal, comprehensive report and copies of any video evidence secured is provided to you.

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We would love to hear from you, whether you're interested in working with our team or pursuing a career with us.

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